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Jericho was surrounded by double walls, thirty feet high. The outer wall was six feet thick and the inner wall, twelve feet thick. They were reinforced by connecting walls between them. It is evening and Joshua has a lot on his mind. He goes for a walk alone. Then he realises he is not alone. There is no contest, no argument, no debate, just complete submission.

There is a New Testament parallel when Jesus confronts another commander, in the Garden of Gethsemane. Why did they fall to the ground like Joshua? Perhaps because they knew what Jesus could do. Jesus is about to die but who is on trial? Figure out who is being interrogated? Who is in charge around here?

Do you know how many soldiers there were in a legion? A legion was the basic unit in a Roman army.

It typically consisted of 6, soldiers. These were not just any soldiers. For most of the Roman Imperial period, the legions were a part of the Imperial army and formed its elite heavy infantry. We get one glimpse of what the army of the Lord looks like. The king sends an army of horses and chariots to surround the city where Elisha is staying. His servant wakes in the morning to find they are surrounded and about to be slaughtered. With great fear he tells Elisha of the situation. But Elisha replies confidently,. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

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Humility is simply confidence properly placed. Humility is not about putting yourself down. Humility is knowing who God is, and that where you are going is in his hands. So, firstly, to be victorious you must humble yourself before the Lord. No wonder Joshua falls face down in reverence and the Commander insists he removes his shoes. For Joshua is in the presence of the Holy One. Jesus is standing, Joshua is kneeling. Worship is not just about singing or speaking. Its also about asking and listening. I am sure you are like me in wishing God spoke to me as clearly as He did that day to Joshua.

But I do know 3 things. God is not a drive-thru.

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To know what God wants for you, specifically, is a challenge. God wants you to know His will. To be victorious you must humble yourself before the Lord. To be victorious you must worship Jesus as your Lord. He obeyed, and because he obeyed he was victorious. And you know what? By faith in our Commander, our Sovereign Lord, we can too.

The battles before us this week are won when we remember who is in charge.

Christ in the book of Joshua by A.B. Simpson

When we are tempted to think we have God on our side we will eventually be defeated. When we seek to be on His side, victory is assured. From Joshua we learn:. To be victorious you must in all things obey the Lord. This parallelism treats the crossing of the Jordan as comparable to the transition from being lost to being saved. Someone might protest that in Christian hymnody, crossing the Jordan always has another meaning. Consider these familiar lines: My home is over Jordan.

Oh, deep river, Lord. I wants to cross over into campground. I wants to go to heaven when I die to see old Jordan roll. The ultimate source of these hymns and spirituals is probably John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Pilgrim's last obstacle before he could enter the heavenly city was the deep and turbulent Jordan River.

It is obvious in all these uses of the Jordan in Christian imagery that the river symbolizes death and Canaan symbolizes heaven, which we attain because we are trusting in Jesus. He is our leader across Jordan in the sense that He, by His death, has secured for us an eternal inheritance. But this way of viewing Jordan and Canaan has no basis in the Bible, and it entails a serious difficulty. What did Israel do after they entered Canaan? Did they find it a paradise free of earthly care and trouble?

No, with enemies on every side they had to go to war. It is therefore obvious that the Bible wants us to see the crossing of Jordan not as death, but as conversion leading to all the struggles of Christian experience. Notice that God gave the land to Israel, yet Israel had to cross the river and take possession of it. So it is with salvation. It is a free gift, but we cannot enjoy its benefits unless we accept it.

We must reach out and take what God desires to give us. The same is true of many other blessings.

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We must reach out and take them by faith. Does a man get a wife by waiting for her to knock on the door? Does a man find a job by waiting for an invitation to arrive in the mail? The path through the Jordan River did not usher Israel into an easy life. For years they were at war against stubborn enemies. The life of a Christian is not easy either. It is a battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Sometimes our enemies inflict painful blows on us. But because we belong to Christ, we need never suffer defeat. In Christ, we can always have the victory. We have the victory if our faith does not falter, but gets stronger.

There is no attack that we cannot turn aside by choosing to trust and believe God. The difference between Israel in the wilderness and Israel in Canaan demonstrates that crossing the Jordan represents salvation. If Joshua is a type of Jesus, what does Moses represent? Moses pictures the law, for he was the law-giver. The people under his leadership could not enter Canaan. In other words, you cannot be saved by the law. You can be saved only by accepting Jesus and following Him. Thus, Israel entered the land under the leadership of the man who represents Jesus.

Just as Moses could not conduct Israel into Canaan, so also his two sons could not do it. Neither was capable of succeeding him. His eldest son, Gershom, is mentioned but four times in the Bible, and his second son, Eliezer, is mentioned but twice Exod. In these references we see no suggestion that either could be charged with any moral lapse. Evidently they worked as Levites in the tabernacle.

Yet neither was outstanding enough in character and ability to take his father's place. Neither the law-giver nor his sons could lead Israel to their rest. Joshua is a fitting type of Christ in that he is one of the few major Bible characters with a largely unblemished record. The Bible does not altogether spare him from criticism. Once in his youth, his zeal for righteousness carried him too far, to the point of being judgmental, for he objected when two of the seventy elders began to prophesy under the influence of the Spirit although they had failed to join the others beside the tabernacle.

Joshua evidently thought them unworthy, but Moses assured him that it would good even if all the people were prophets of God Num. Once as a leader, Joshua acted rashly, when he made a treaty with the Canaanites who lived in Gibeon, but his motives were not dishonorable. He took pity on their ambassadors because they appeared to be non-Canaanites who had undergone great hardship in a long journey to meet him.

In fact, they were deceivers who had come only a short distance Josh. Joshua's near perfection contrasts sharply with Moses' glaring imperfection. As a young prince Moses committed murder. As a forgotten fugitive he resisted God's call in his life. And as a leader in the twilight of his career he was guilty of conduct that disqualified him from entering the Promised Land. In his virtues that especially qualified him for leadership, Joshua again showed that he mirrored Christ.

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The Book of Joshua may be viewed as a primer of leadership. We should know these principles because even though all of us are not leaders, all of us choose leaders. A woman chooses her husband.