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View all 3 comments. Apr 19, Susan rated it really liked it. Look, I'll keep this simple. Book 3 has Vic at his neurotic best. And getting to know him better with each book of this series is such a treat. Poor guy is traumatized and the accommodations he has to make in his life because of his "gift" of talking to dead people are exhausting. But, I'm bought in What happened to you, Vic, at Camp Hell. I need to know Jaco Look, I'll keep this simple. Jacob is one sexy-muthaf'er. He's not terribly interesting. He plays a totally secondary role.

He's one of those "dirty talkers" blech! And I love what he provides for Vic. Of the first 3 books, this one had the least prominent mystery plot, and I'm ok with that. I loved the househunting storyline and the treat of sitting through Thanksgiving dinner with Jacob's family! View all 10 comments. They were tempting good for more reading and better and better. Books that stand for themselves there in the odd corner. To be true and fair - the hot creepy corner. Then I started this third one and I could feel it at once. This was a great installment, so much better.

I loved every tiny little bit of it. The PsyCop Victor Bayne and his hot lover Jacob Marks started quite surprising a steaming hot relationship in the first book. Now a time later is it Thanksgiving Day dinner, and planned to be a holiday weekend, with Jacob's family.

But are you a cop can't you but go back home again if the boss calls for you. There are some people missing and Victor gets once again a new unknown cop as his future work-partner. A stiff hard to analyze older middle aged man, Bob Zigler , and to be honest, he scare Victor to start with. You know the gay-thing A thrilling "murder" investigation starts. I liked it and it was a bit scary at times but this time was the topic mostly Victor's different relationships. New relatives, sad ghosts, his new work-partner, and of course his beloved smexy boyfriend - and Victor had more or less good 'control' on most important things.

I can't imagine when we have ghost hunting cops up here.

Victor and Jacob's relationship on the other hand is just so yummy romantic and glorious cute by now. I like that it is more or less angst-free and just about to dare Victor to really belive you can be loved, for the one you are, by the police departments sexiest dream-hunk. Yeah, by this larger-than-life hero Jacob. This book was a lot about house hunting for a future home and I can't wait to see more of them and their life together. My need for more creepy murder investigations from these PsyCop's after three audiobooks and a shorty xmas shorty are higher than ever.

Still giggling - I'd so much fun listening to this The best thing is that this is such a amusing fun and highly entertaining told crime drama. Victor has an quite unique funny inner voice. I just love to listening to him. When you, on top of a very well-written story, also has Gomez Pugh 's simply perfect narration in your earplugs, is it even better. As I said to a friend, when Victor tells me, whit Gomez lovely voice, that Jacob is the worlds most gorgeous sexy man, then I belive and feel it. I LIKE - soooo veeeery muuuuch View all 29 comments.

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I find it a perfect mix of funny, sexy, and quirky. I'm just gushing and not saying anything specific about this book so here I go I think "Body and Soul" embodies what I have come to expect from this series. There is some romance never gushy , a mystery to solve, and some interesting paranormal action.

What I love about this book is that it is lighthearted and fun, even amidst all of Vic's emotional baggage. There aren't silly misunderstandings and other garbage in his relationship with Jacob, and I was happy to see their relationship moving forward. And the way Jacob talks in bad Moving Jordan Castillo Price to auto-buy status! View all 5 comments. Sep 10, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another fantastic installment in the Psycop series!

I've read some great books this year, but Jordan Castillo Price's Psycop series is really something special. I love Victor Bane. Not in the way I usually love the "heroes" in the books I read, but in a I want to give him a big old hug and tell him everything will be just fine kind of way. Watching his confidence build, thanks mostly to his boyfriend Jacob, has been a real treat.

Victor and Jacob are what this is really all about and what keeps me coming back for more I'm moving on to "Secrets", the next installment in this highly addictive series. View all 13 comments. Sep 15, Vanessa North rated it it was amazing. So here's a funny thing. The right narrator makes a book even more enjoyable for me.

Fast forward to today. I bought the audiobook pretty much the day I found out it was available. I checked my email, saw the JCP newsletter, went to audible and bought it. And then I waited to listen to it. Because I've been sick, y'all, and audiobooks are for knitting or running. I've been too sick to knit, let alone run, so the book had to wait. This morning, I listened to the first chapter while I ran three very slow but at least I wasn't coughing anymore miles. ONE chapter, and I knew that I needed to up my star rating on this book to five.

Because for one thing, the book is even more brilliant the second time around, and Gomez Pugh is pretty much the best goddamn narrator I've ever heard. View all 6 comments. I'm so excited to be re-issuing this book. My favorite scene is when they discover who's behind all the disappearances, and they don't really know what to make of the stuff they actually do find.

I love Vic's bland acceptance of what's happening when the mechanics of it dawn on him, and I think this was the first time I gave a little glimpse of how steely he actually is inside, that a situation that would send most people packing doesn't even faze him. How's that for convoluted? Trying not to b I'm so excited to be re-issuing this book. Trying not to be spoilery! Dec 02, Shile loves books rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 4 comments.

Again the page length was trimmed and this one comes across too short, but it was a good story regardless and the police investigation a little more complex than previous books. I loved the beginning at the Thanksgiving table and the ghost arm, then the angst of apartment hunting.

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It's probably the best mystery so far in the series - Vic has to use his detecting skills and follow confusing leads, sometimes getting help from ghosts for once. He has to interview people, visit crime scenes, the ful Again the page length was trimmed and this one comes across too short, but it was a good story regardless and the police investigation a little more complex than previous books. He has to interview people, visit crime scenes, the full-fledged detective duty but with paranormal sting.

The turnout with that was sweet in the end and I liked how the ghosts ended up helpful for once. I don't fully get what the villains were trying to accomplish, but I liked the detective work and the new partner. I get a kick out of how he unnerves other detectives and some of the animosity there because of him being a talented member of the 'Spook Squad'.

Victor remains an awesome main character - the way he tried to appear somewhat manly around his new partner was funny the driving, talking to the people are the door hoping he's not challenged in front of the partner , how he slips on almost everything when outside, his awkwardness, his internal sense of humor It's funny seeing Vic partnered with new people, while I sit here hoping it will work out. Crash makes a brief appearance, but I don't find him that interesting. Lisa is still there via phone and there's a unique hitch in their relationship. Still loving Maurice, but he was only mentioned in this one only by name.

There's sex scenes of course, too many, but still a strong enough story that made this one fly by. I blinked, it was over, and I wanted the next one. On a personal front, he's in a more established relationship with boyfriend and fellow cop Jacob Marks, and I loved reading about them as a couple. The author continues to inject quirky insecurity in Victor's voice - he's not the suavest detective out there, and he's got to be the most squeamish medium around!

Like Jacob, I found him to be loveable and relatable, faults and all. He's a bit inexperienced in the relationship department but you can see he's making an effort and wants to be the best boyfriend back. Also he's coming into his own and acquiring a little more confidence and assertiveness on the job which was fun to witness. As always the hot factor is still high in this with a touch of dirty thrown in this time - and I say that's always a good thing.

Jan 18, Maya rated it really liked it Shelves: Victor on the other hand: Also, Vic and Zig — some great stuff there too. Aug 04, Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a good one. I got to see more of Victor's talents and his confidence has grown some, which is nice to see and I attribute the bulk of that to Jacob. It's still cute that Victor doesn't really get why Jacob is so into him. They finally say the "I love you"'s to each other and while Victor may not totally get it, he at least appreciates it and is trying. I like when Victor said "It's the whole package he was after referring to the fact that he is just figuring out that Jacob is after mor This was a good one.

I like when Victor said "It's the whole package he was after referring to the fact that he is just figuring out that Jacob is after more than his ass. The weird shit I said, and did, and saw. I didn't know why he wanted that. Just thinking about it made my brain hurt. I can also appreciate that he is such a 'guy' in these moments.


The mystery was interesting too. We get to meet Vic's new partner and so far so good, but there is obviously some history with he and Jacob to find out about. I love all these little tease-y references that keep me going. This is why I love Victor most of all, Victor's reactions to too much tension. At one point he and his new partner are making a breakthrough with a ghost from his new partner's past and we get: I guess the weather had finally gotten to him. The dead guy stared. I barely resisted the urge to flop down and make a snow angel just for the sake of being different.

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Buckle Up Commitment, a gay romance series Book 1.

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Passion, lust and desire is the fuel that drives us, so buckle up for the ride of your life. The love story we all want to live. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention body and soul vic and jacob jordan castillo house hunting castillo price highly recommended missing persons getting better keeps getting camp hell another great read the next sex scenes better and better victor bayne book in this series new place really liked new partner trying to find. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I loved the first one so much, I hesitated to get the second. But I loved it too. I got this one with a little more faith, and darned if Price didn't make me laugh on the very last line! This is a slow-burn romance in the truest sense, each book ends well, the next one creeps a little closer to their happily ever after So many questions yet to answer!

I think in my first review I ended with the promise that I'd read the whole series. I'll reaffirm that here. The opening scene with Victor in small-town Wisconsin having Thanksgiving dinner was hilarious! So now Victor is trying to function without his spirit-suppressing drugs, but the constant chatter from noisy ghosts might just make him go insane. For years he has over medicated as a way to cope.

Body & Soul: PsyCop, Book 3 (Unabridged) by Jordan Castillo Price on iTunes

Now he is trying to cut the meds out cold-turkey. The cool thing about this book is we get to see Victor act a little more like a police officer. He carries a gun and everything. This leaves good old-fashioned police work to solve a missing persons case with a gruesome ending. Speaking of endings, Body and Soul ends with the most romantic scene yet.

Plot - 5 bookmarks Character development - 5 bookmarks Packs a lot into novella length books. Humor - 5 booksmarks These books actually make me laugh. Not an easy feat. This was the first book in this series where I finally started to see why people like it so much. Prior to this one I just thought it was an okay series.

Body and Soul

However, I really enjoyed this one and started to connect with Vic and Jacob. I also thought the mystery in this one was well done. I think it's because I had a hard time connecting to Vic when he was so drugged out most of the time so in this book I felt like I got to know him better. I also loved the relationship between Vic and Jacob and the mix of the day to day life of trying to find a home mixed with the mystery. I definitely want to know more about what happened to Vic at Camp Hell so I'll read the next book. One person found this helpful.

The story keeps getting better and better. Let me tell you Jacob is so swoon worthy! I love every single thing he says and does. The whole affair was pretty hush-hush. I think about them, and I just get overwhelmed. Roger went bye-bye, and I came out of our encounter intact. Six weeks later and I was still on medical leave.

I felt fine, probably due to the amount of actual blood cells coursing through my system in lieu of the drug cocktail I was accustomed to. He had to go and say it out loud and rub it in. Grandma Marks glowered at me from the head of the table, her dark eyes, half-hidden in folds of wrinkled skin, threatening to pierce me right through.

Maybe she had a thing against psychics. Among the Living What good is being a psychic detective if your murder victims aren't talking? Thaw A heartwarming glimpse at a cold winter's day. Criss Cross Mysterious messages from Lisa lead Vic on a wild ride. He figures a palm reading is just the ticket.