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And I still keep silent haha The are so many fake sites which said they have the book that I want like latest Harry Potter. This is the first that worked! Recent Activity Loading activity Now a duo, the Buggles first single, their electro-synth-pop version of "Video Killed the Radio Star" charted on Sept.

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More noteworthy, however, is the Buggles video stands alone as the only music video to be the first one played on MTV Aug. Other than the funny male voice, I think it is about his getting a hat for Christmas that was much too big to wear.

MR. MUSIC: Novelette inspired famous Buggles song

Oddly enough, unlike most Christmas hits that get played every year, this one was never heard from again. I know of only one song, Christmas or otherwise, funny voice or not, about someone gifted with an oversize hat.

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On this single Capitol , Blanc sings in the voice of "Sy the Little Mexican," an hombre of few words who answers most questions with "si. In the '60s, Mel Blanc provided a very similar voice for Speedy Gonzalez, appearing in cartoons and on records.

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In keeping with his south-of-the-border character, the beeg hat, one that for some reason cannot be exchanged for one the right size, is really a sombrero. Mel Blanc provided over different and individually recognizable voices and sound effects, for more than 5, cartoons.

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