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She is starting to realize that trying to be an adult is a lot harder than she first thought. On her way back to her apartment on what seemed like just another frozen winter day, she discovers tha Finnigan Teaches Freddy to Read Like most children, Freddy comes to school on the first day expecting to learn to read.

He loves books and wants to learn to read just like his mama. Freddy is thrilled when Miss Feather, his teacher, introduces him to a little friend, Mr. Finnigan, who is going to help him learn to read. Read More Safeguarding the Environment in Mining Development Projects Safeguarding the Environment in Mining Development gives a description of the role the extractive industry plays in the economic sector of most developing countries. It also describes the activities of transnational corporations TNCs in this sector.

Topics explored include the impacts on the econo Read More Tales of Travel, Love, and Survival in the Foreign Service Living and working in twenty developing countries is no small challenge, especially when six children are involved in every move and transition. However, always the punk As a premature infant James was not expected to survive. As a child he was underweight, was bullied in school, survived the wrath of an abusive father and stepfather but managed to meet th Read More The Sherpas of Sagarmatha A young Dorjee Sherpa was just unloading a quantity of oxygen bottles at the Second Step on Sagarmatha when he received an urgent message on the emergency radio he was carrying.

He was informed that a climber who was on the summit was suffering from altitude sickness and needed immediate assistance, She wants to help you learn, use your imagination, and share her adventures as she grows into a big bunny and gets to teach her own kids everything she has learned Read More Prophecy of the End of the World The intent of this book is to make the reader intently concerned as to how close the Word of God tells us that we are to the end of time, using scripture, the examination of the heavens, the world economy, the world turmoil, and the extent of evil in the world and its effect on how soon the world wi Read More Wonderings or Wanderings A collection of thoughts Read More Adventures of Snuggy the Blanket Kevin Cramer came up with the title for this book, basically, through life's adventures that everyone probably had as a child.

Kevin Cramer's idea for the book came to him not when his son Hunter was born or when he was a young boy, but when he has grown up. They were going through some of Hunter's Read More The Mysterious Hospital A young man working the night shift discovers that something strange is going on at his job. According to rumors, something highly secretive is going on in the basement, and the people who know about it refuse to talk about it.

Because of his curiosity and passion for the unknown, his private invest Read More Reset Families: Building Social and Emotional Skills while Avoiding Nagging and Power Struggles Parenting is perhaps the most important job you'll ever have, and it may be the hardest. The way you interact with your kids today will leave an imprint and produce results for generations. What could be more important than gaining tools to be the best parents we can be? That's what Reset Fa Belinda Zimmerman, the only one named, and a personified diary. Belinda records everything, including her innermost thoughts, in her diary.

It has a life of its own. Read More The Fall of an Angel The Fall of an Angel tells about how the United States justice department uses the charge of conspiracy to put anyone they want into federal prison without any physical evidence at all. The United States is the only country in the world that charges its citizens with conspiracy.

This book is a true These poems go deep inside the mind of a poet's experiences, imagination, life, and creativity Read More Journey through Time Journey through Time is a compilation of poems from my youth transitioning to adulthood and progressing. As poetry is subjective, I urge the reader to imagine themselves in the poem and feeling the movement of the story being told. Each poem tells a different tale and will take you on a journey that A country he believed that would change his life entirely; a place where he could rejoice forever.

Packed with high hopes and loaded with ambition and optimism, he migrated to this place he considers Paradise. However, not too long a Read More Poetree "If you haven't yet met Boris, the lonely vampire with a terrible secret, the Freckle Farm family, the Navy Bean sailors and the Dandelion Ghosts coming to your yard, begin your adventure with Poetree. All these characters and more are waiting inside among the leaves.

This modern classic is a notabl Some have capes, and some may even have special powers. But what they all have is confidence and determination. We have all been afraid or unsure in some way, and you know what? The last time was not our last. There will always be times where we No sock has ever seen it, but Bootsy claims it lives down an alley behind a giant metal door. Dinky, Stretch, and Bo Read More 90 Years A narrative of significant events which the author recalls of his life, including childhood memories of London and South Africa, life in England during World War II, and his subsequent life and travels while living in the United States Read More Alchemy of the Quran After Muhammad, his successors, with the help of this One Book, gained confidence and defeated the two superpowers of their time, the Romans and the Persians, despite their inferiority in weaponry and numbers.

What is magical about this book that can produce such extraordinary results, in the past a Read More The F Words of Life Growing up with physical and learning disabilities is difficult, especially when bullying is involved. Being continually unsure of your calling in life is discouraging. Read More The Honest Truth About Donald Trump This book is about my opinion of what President Donald Trump is thinking, what went wrong in the last eight years with the previous administration, and what President Trump must do to get us back on the right track Read More Sock City Dinky's Arrival Into the clothes dryer Dinky gets tossed in along with other damp clothing, not knowing it will be the last time.

While inside, he's drawn to something unfamiliar that his curiosity cannot ignore. What he sees is a glowing light coming from the very back. It becomes brighter as Dinky gets closer. Who Will Believe My Report? This will take you on a journey into the realms of the Spirit of God, which are available to all who believe; a true account of unfathomable extremes of murde She could hardly wait to help her mother hang the strands of popcorn and fresh cranberries on the Christmas tree along with all the bright lights, tinsel, and decorations.

Dusty, the family's dog, You might have missed something you could have seen or could have heard, or something you would have wanted to touch, but the moment has now passed. Come along with me, and I'll paint your mind with what I saw over the years. They were placed in four different homes across Texas. The houseparent told the younger children, who didn't know anything, that their parents were dead. Elizabeth was nine months old; Read More Saladin This book and my research is about uncovering the many, many injustices of the American government and the American people against black people over the last five hundred years in America.

I will show and also prove the absolute diabolism being applied throughout history against the masses of black Read More Blackbird This is a story about a young man who had a loving mother, yet he would be merciless when choosing his victims. They say serial killers start young with animals, that they are heartless, that they have no empathy-this will prove to be true. Blackbird details the lunacy of a serial killer and his ear Read More John the Raptor Come on an adventure with the hero John as he learns about the life of being a raptor.

He learns to hunt, fight, and learns what family is about. After John hunts for fish in the pond as the family prepares for a feast, John's father, the alpha male, sees a shadowy figure in the bushes. Read More Finding My Field Toward the end of my life, I am enjoying the opportunity of revisiting some of my early days of involvement in ministry before ordained ministry became my life. I was early affected by race, poverty, justice, and ministry to children where these were issues. These issues stayed with me throughout my You'll see wild animals in their home, Where they like to play and roam.

In The Age of Sustainability Denis Pombriant evaluates and recommends solutions for energy provisioning and reducing I receive lots of junk mail. I picked this title because we need a good woman for president, not Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. I thought it would be nice to have a Madam President for the people, not against the people, with a strong mi I hope you can be there on time to save them Read More Primal Circuits The artificial intelligence race is on, and programming whiz student Ty intends to win!

His revolutionary software evolves and learns by itself with full access to the Internet. The program runs while Ty sets off on spring break with a friend, who also leaves behind his research project, two chimps Read More The Journey to Me A fun and fascinating story about a teenage girl who finds truth in friendship, flirts with the possibility of romance, and makes a decision that will stay with her for more than half her life. When faced with the formidable task of moving from New Jersey to Florida for her junior year of high schoo When it hatches into a baby dragon, the four friends are s Disappointed and disillusioned with life, he said his goodbyes to his sister and her husband and joined the Air Force.

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Philip thought he was in for the long haul, but you never know w Read More Maxwell 3 Eye of the Tiger This book is about people coming together to help others, especially when they are being bullied or harassed. It was an era when being free to make great choices as a young woman didn't come with a price or judgment. Lacey, being the free spirit she is, finds that life may have a turning point.

Read More Thoughts of Emotions These poems are short stories about an emotion that the author was feeling, pieces of his life in words frozen in time. By reading these poems, you will get to know him and what he was going through in life. These are the thoughts of emotions, and he hopes you will enjoy and feel what he felt at the The common phrase "If I knew then what I know now.

While reading this book, you will get a glimpse into a normal, everyday girl's life g Read More Leo and Theo Leo is a special dog that is loved by everyone. He is sweet, helpful, and kind. There is only one member of the family who is very unhappy about Leo. His name is Theo, and he is the grouchiest cat in Toledo. He wishes that he didn't have to hear about Leo at all.

Now, with her family in jeopardy Erotica Bdsm Audiobook Full

Theo is so tired of all the attentio Read More Forgotten Designers Costume Designers of American Broadway Revues and Musicals From Forgotten Designers is a book that features the work of thirty American and international costume designers who designed musicals and revues on Broadway from to The book features over three hundred images of these designers' color renderings and sketches Not a single ally answers their call for help, but not because they do not want to.

Read More Get 'em Cookin' Good food adds to good memories, good health, and good times! It shows you how to read recipes for success in your kitchen and how to vary your recipes. The key is to know what to focus My book title speaks for itself. My book is a lot more than a few words of faith and about miracles. My book is a book of inspiration for everyone who is a Christian and who is not a Christian. Reading my book causes a nonbeliever to challenge th He looks at his employer's revenue derived form his labor and says, "I can do that for myself and keep all the money.

Those who work for us need stability, and it is our The Final Chapter Viva, Mexico! It is a story of his unplanned but fortuitous stumbling into a new country Read More Birthright This is a compilation of several short stories with a central theme of the wonderful strength of the everyday person. The presence of God is sprinkled throughout to inspire the reader to hold onto hope for a better tomorrow. Each story is a refreshing reminder of the power of the human spirit Currency is the legal tender that helps you make purchase.

Heaven has her own legal tender, and it is called faith. This book is a book that helps one know how to spiritually purchase and to command the impossible.

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  4. This book is a must read for all, new converts as Read More Image If After purchasing a house that needs tender loving care, a successful songwriter and band leader named Miles is puzzled. At night, he just can't stay away from the house. And every time Miles drives in front of the house Read More Reckless Beginnings A sister that runs away and simply vanishes. Charlotte and The Nerdy Trio have learned that the most popular girl in school is Maleficent, the leader of the evil Fictionals, and she plans to stop any other students from joining Read More Get Published Quickly!

    The Hybrid Way This book will make you savvy about:. Her story captures the innocence of a young teenage girl entering the 7th grade in a new school in It is her spiritual awakening, along with her experiences, that fac You get to leave school for the day and enjoy the change away from the classroom. That is unless you just happen to be a student attending Hellman Elementary, as Dylan is about to discover with the school's annual field trip to the one and only Din I knew differently because I ran it from New Hampshire to California.

    The future of our country was at stake, and I quarterbacked the best door knocking teams across the country. We dominated over Hillary Clinton's ground campaign. Read More The Ghost of Oak Cliff Plantation Being a native of Missouri and raised on a farm, Patricia had years of experience and the ability to uncover the heart and soul of the characters of her novel. Her book covers five generations of Scottish and Irish decent. In the midst of the Irish potato famine, a newlywed couple and the groom's be Read More Life of a Passerby You are personally invited to embark on a journey into the intimate life experiences of "the passerby.

    After waking up in a hospital bed to see his parents and sister, he learns that he has survived a car accident, having been hit by a drunk driver. Experiencing symptoms from h He provided language for them to expand their thinking to four dimensions. He told them who God is, what he does, and how to grow as his children to be as he is.

    Moses uses metaphors of the physical env His dream was cut short when his wife of three weeks deliberately denied him medical assistance when he requested an ambulance thinking he was having a natural heart attack. It seems that things that happen Read More Tucker's Adventures in America Tucker is excited and ready for vacation, and what better place to visit than some of the remarkable destinations that are in America. As he plans his trip, he decides to start in our nation's capital city of Washington, DC.

    From there, he makes his way to New York. On his way to New York, he meets Read More The Art of Doctrine Upon reading the world's religions and the entire Holy Bible, certain discoveries concerning the prophecies of the prophets and of Jesus Christ the Messiah have rendered the understanding of their celestial knowledge in the pages to follow. In this day and age, the focus is on the USA.

    As expressed in my first book People Power, our main purpose as individuals are to prepare ourselves to qualify to be a team player for your particular people who looks like you, first and foremost. Agudas Achim North Shore Congregation, Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz has provided a treasure trove of information, rare photographs, and historic documents that together offer a rich history of the synagogue in which he has served as the rabbinic leader, and in w Read More Beyond the Execution.

    In he left Nigeria for the United States, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering from the Read More The E. L Mainstream Linking Curriculum Guide Grades Teaching English as a Second Language, in far too many American schools, thrusts, especially new teachers to the craft, into a learning environment where there are many expected learning outcomes and few real classroom tools to achieve them.

    Inspired by sixteen years in public education, these stories are, at times, unbelievable, always hi It takes you down a road of disbelief and wonder about a murder. The story allows you to draw your own conclusions as to why someone would intentionally murder the person they supposedly love, for money. Read More Godling Cara has known her whole life that she was different than those around her. She excelled at school and sports with little effort and oftentimes felt that she did not belong, but on the night of her sixteenth birthday, everything changes.

    A mysterious tattoo burns its way onto her wrist. These were all things of legend Keely Young, an average looking woman from Iowa, on her dream vacation to Ireland would soon be propelled headlong into the mystery and magic surrounding Tapley Folly. She was ill prepared for the discovery of a rug This book is a consistent string of real life events that may seem extreme. It contains graphic content not suitable for all ages.

    My father, Mike, is pouring wine into his brother's wine glass from a gallon wine jug th Read More All Roads Lead to Hell Estranged son of a politically prominent father, Everett Dahlgren Boyd dealt with the issues of the day both as a civilian and then as a Union soldier in an artillery battery during the Civil War Read More On Different Levels On Different Levels is a book containing four short stories each, with their own level of sanity versus insanity.

    One might take the villain's side or vice versa. In some parts of this book, you may see a certain reality, one you may fear or relish. I do hope you'll have fun reading Read More A Journey Beyond A Journey Beyond is a work of fiction but rooted in the reality of human experiences, including childhood friendships and adventures, eternal bonds of love and loyalty, the intrigue of quantum theory, and the limitless possibilities of the union of science with imagination.

    Read More So You Can Understand Physics This book documents a new approach to explaining the basic principles of physics, which is the basic principles of creation. Throughout history, physicists have made it the policy to separate the physics from religion. That policy was set by the laws developed to govern basic principles such as the There's only one problem, the constant fear in her glacial blue eyes. After Gabriella confides in him about her marriage, Seth wants to protect her from all the bad in her life and show her what love really is. Read More Knighthood What would you do if you woke up one day and suddenly discovered you had superpowers?

    No need to be specific. What if that superpower could be anything you chose it to be? What would it be? What would you do with it? In the Knighthood world, these aren't mere hypothetical questions. Read More Kissing the Frogs A true story. After being widowed at forty eight, Rose D'Alisio was forced to start a new life for herself and her family.

    She felt she was too young to be old and too old to be young, but she knew that part of her new life would probably include dating at some point. Rose wasn't too keen on Read More Inherit the Future This novel is about eight people who think they are ordinary but are to become extraordinary members of humanity. They come from all the major land masses of earth. Superior beings so far beyond our imagination, proceed to advance the bodies and minds of these eight people so that they can change th Read More Inside Twisted Fen and Milla, were a happy couple in their younger years, dating all throughout high school, in spite of difficulties caused by their interracial relationship.

    Madly in love, the two planned to go to college together, but Milla shocked Fen by breaking up with him the night before that departure, le Read More Insanity Never Felt So Good Jada has had two different customer service rep jobs in the last nine months, and she is skating on thin ice with Luther, her current supervisor for being late numerous times, and not servicing customers appropriately. This particular morning, she has a flat fire, which forces her to leave her car a Through an unforgivable act, his life irreversibly changes when he seeks out a way to change his fate.

    A novel of vampires, revenge and reincarnation. Will he be able This book inspired and helped me stay alive; now it's time to share it with the world! This is about my life. Minahshi Sundaram, was a retired state assistant direc Read More A Bear's Burden A Bear's Burden is the story of unlikely heroes accidentally thrown into a world of elves, orcs, dwarves, pirates, and great beasts. In addition, themes of depression, anxiety, suicide, racism, slavery, murder, sacrifice, survival, loss, and even war are present throughout the story but are offset w Read More Bonny Malt Sudden apprehension, terror, and unsurpassed fright cascaded over the boy as he was held in a viselike grip off the dry and hard ground.

    Instantly, he hated the man in front of him more than the one that held him suspended. More so, because his trusted dog was limp at the man's feet. Circumstantial vs logical incontrovertible evidence. In the judicial balance; Guilty or not guilty? Read More Meth Wife. In the beginning, Eddie Hamilton thought that being a meth cook was a lucrative idea. Now he wants nothing more than to get out of the business.

    That opportunity arrives when the lovely Tia Kingston accepts Eddie's marriage proposal, but before he can tie the knot, Eddie finds himself in jai Or even what it would be like to be the richest woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth? I'm sure I'm not the only one who may have had that fantasy. I remember staying up a There is the pain of a parent's early death, a caring relationship between a nurse and a young hospital patient and then fun and games on a Manhattan str These poems examine moments in his life as he navigated his way through his transition from female to male gender identified.

    The poems explore his relationship with himself, others, and this planet The excitement as it arrived? Scampering into the grouped seating and knowing you only had moments to decide, do I want to ride facing forward or backward? You bounce from seat to seat! Suddenly, with a loud woooooosh, you're pressed into the seat!

    Lloyda will take you on a joyful journey to dreamland where you can take a peak at her unique vision of the 21st century marvels. Buy her book and enjoy your trip down memory lane As a pencil pusher for the military police on base, he is safe from the mortal perils of ambushes and booby Smith; Esther and Robert H.

    For this is the day the Lord hath It's a little different from your everyday love story. It's how two pets got a couple together. In a short period of time, lives were changed. The journey will outline the contributing factors that caused such a young ch Among the symbols that come to mind are Christmas trees, Santa Claus, mistletoe, and turkey.

    This particular story introduces us to a different kind of Christmas symbol. This special symbol is a fish, and this story is about some speci Read More It Seems to Me An eclectic collection of writings by Mary M. Born June 21, and passing June 6, , she was a witness to all the social political, and economic upheavals and changes of the 20th century. Her writings date from to approximately , and include poetry, essays, prayers, short From growing up in the sixties and seventies, traveling as a young man in Europe and the Middle East with a My mother and father named me at birth Jumpi Happiness and laughter surrounded him throughout his life, even as his path darkened with unrelenting cancer that slowly took his life; however, his story would not be of defeat for even sickness could not change who he was.

    Have we run our course? Is the best behind us with nothing but stagnation, turmoil, and decline ahead? Calls to Make America Great Again motivated millions of Americans recently to engage in the political proc Read More American Dreaming Nestled on the abandoned benches of New York City and forged in the fires of service unto others, American Dreaming opens to secret conversations between God and a young man. In an irreversible process of attending a Bible College in California, the journal transforms from a compelled compassion for But through the writings of an old book gifted her by a stranger, she learns much more.

    Tatum finds within the weathered cloth covers on old brittle pages the annals to all humanity, to a It is a cross between Grimm's fairy tales and criminal minds. In addition, it proves that God is ever present in our lives and is faithful to those whom he loves. It traces his, the author's, development from a hired sawmill hand to a functioning farming cooperative. Read More The Top Five Things to Consider before Filing an Employee Relations Complaint This book will help employees at all levels of the company understand how to file effective employee complaints and get successful results!

    Read More Sterling When Siena Madison announces that she will spend an entire week of her highly rated daytime television show revealing the history of her family-and all its secrets-she begins to doubt the wisdom of having allowed her beloved grandmother, Savanna, to convince her to do it.

    Savanna had grown up A dragon's world is a busy place, learning all about what dragons do. The book shows children a A lost soul, a teenager who wanders into his tangled web. A gentle actor and dance They sometimes need some help from superheroes. Ashley was a special needs child that had her superheroes to bring her laughter each and every day! Superheroes are with our children each moment! They are children, moms, dads, brothers Read More Aydenland A young girl named Ayden and her siblings lost their parents, the King and Queen of the kingdom of Aydenland in the Great Battles among five factions for ruling control of the lands they lived upon.

    Aydenland was named for the firstborn child of the King. He always stressed throughout her sixteen y Read More The Pale This is not the story of a hero. This is the story of Adam Rodriguez, a soldier trying to pick up the pieces of a life that was stolen from him. On a mission in Afghanistan gone sideways, Adam finds himself at the mercy of a vicious warlord, and the warlord's murderous ambition lands In fact, he merged in and became part of the action.

    However, he pulled out when the US forces withdrew from Iraq in He decided to unveil the monster When we are trained as first responders, it is impossible to be ready for everything we may be faced with. Commonly, a lot of it is covered by book learning, but the worst is not. How can anyone prepare you for some of the sights and pain you will experience? Each call is different, and the Read More Blooming Like a Flower Blooming Like a Flower is a book of inspirational writings that will make your insight on life stronger then ever.

    The book goes from believing in your biggest dream to come true to your worst nightmare haunting you. Sit back and read Blooming Like a Flower. It will enhance your dreams, your hope, y Trapped in an unknown place and time, Nash must face her ultimate task. Finding the sacred artifacts that were spoken of in the prophecy, the prophecy spoken about the lost princess.

    With the help of Hunter, the br Have you ever known exactly how someone feels? Then there's a little bit of you in here. Take a stroll through the life of a woman who didn't know how to say no-well at least to a bottle of alcohols and a syringe full of drugs-yet she had no problem saying yes to the men in her Read More Sheela An erotic, suspenseful thriller of seduction, murder, theft, and betrayal Every dog appearing on these pages was living at the Cleveland Animal Protective League at the time their pictures were taken, and was photographed while work Read More On a Braided Wire A poetic reflection of how phenomena drive our inner verbatim in areas like conflict, neurology and health, and phenomena outside of our property Read More Power, Politics, and the Political Spectrum This book is about the trials and tribulations of the American people and their republic.

    The conflicts that arise when the government is not in step with the people. We measure our government's influence on the people using the political spectrum. Are the people sovereign over their government, or Guy Seward, a knight for the king of England, becomes a child of night, a vampire. Makoto Nakamura, heir to his father's seat, becomes a werewolf, along with ten of his men. Cochise, the chief of the Apaches, also be Read More Good Guys Finish? Corporate corruption and executive greed bully the little man.

    The overwhelming power of the large corporation leaves the victim with few options. Read More Seeking Salvation This anthology is not only a mere collection of poems but spiritual, religious, and metaphysical prayers and odes. They are inspired by our earthly journey and their spiritual questions and discourse that we have. As experiences are acquired, we sometimes seek to answer the question "How may I be of I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have to admit I learned a This book was inspired by God to heal relationships of all kind, not just marriages. God's plan is to ultimately bring healing to dysfunctional relationships by turning people hearts back to him where Love Read More Green Dots It's a brother's worst fear, his worst nightmare.

    When Amos Johnson pulls up to his brother's house to pick him up for work, the house is dark and the door is open. His brother and the kids are dead. His brother's wife is gone, and so is her car. The great detective Jack Webster is called in to solv This person had an ambition to play professional ball in one of the three major sports.

    Due to his mother's financial status, unfortunately, he never played the game. He got married and pursued a career in the military, to onl Read More Simple Steps to Gardening As the title suggests this book covers steps to make it simpler for a home gardener to successfully grow the vegetables they can enjoy. Starting with soil preparation and understanding of PH value of the soil, fertilizing, methods of mulching, cultivating, and watering will provide the steps to have The Game Changer was written as a guide to help parents and loved ones who are facing the challenge and impact of addiction.

    This book provides a background on our drug culture and explains what opioids are. The reader is alerted what to look for when selecting a detox or rehabilitat Read More An Ugly Man Value not a man for the depth of his character, instead judge him simply by the magnitude of his accomplishments. Peter Torina believes nothing could be truer in America, but his is an ugly man and nobody values an ugly man unless he's special. Peter Torina wants to be special, but he is a man of Wild Women on the Water: Keys for Survival will help you learn the difference.

    If you are fed up with your stressful or boring life and long to experience adventure and crazy fun, author Gail Feddern and the Wild Women on the Water will show you how A journey to find truth, endure separation, suffer hardship, understand sacrifice, yearn to please and be a help to the Father, only to find out that we are the ones that need help. Searching for love in All she wanted was a husband, and it didn't matter what came along with that title. The Lord never intended for women to chase men or for a wife to find her husband. If it's done that way, it's already o Read More Shree We cannot survive if our Shree supply is not sufficient.

    We will have to go in suspended animation. The old most likely will not survive. Do you ever wonder if you are truly sane? Do you think what you do with your life impacts that of what you'll become? I did things to people, knowing that I would change in the process but ended up doing them anyway. Here's what I really want to know. What is truly sane, and what Read More The Class Pet With the loss of her family, she has to cope with a new family. She discovers a true love and the loss of it. She has to rely on her faith and the fai Read More You Can't Tell It Like I Can I am a survivor of many serious Illnesses, and this book details them from their infancy until total recovery; which was a miracle of divine healing!

    And there are others with similar stories. This book is written to encourage people who are going through what I have experienced; even those who have In Store Village, there are different types of toys all looking for their chance to go home. One courageous day, Zody found himself on an extraordinary journey of discovery.

    The red ball uses all of his rolling, jumping, and tumbl Read More Hidden Scars He is waiting in the driveway for the perfect time to break in. It wasn't enough that she suffered from MS all these years, but now, she is tortured by this weirdo night after night. Read More I Still Believe! Is it okay to believe in destiny?

    Do things happen for a reason or do situations occur because of luck? Some people believe that your life was already set for you before you were born. Others may be cynical. Whatever you believe, I Still Believe! Unfortunately, not all mothers and daughters share good relationships. This is the case with Deloris and her mother, Emma Jean. Deloris dreams of the moment when she'll leave home and her mother for good. But when she comes up They were originally designed as toys for animals but became quite popular as decorations in office cubicles and around the home.

    They are very easy to make and will brighten most any area and bring a smile to the recipient's face. However, she went on to say that when suffering was for the passion of Christ, suffering is indeed a gift. I invite the reader to journey with me as God takes me on a yearlong journey of personal Read More Blink Max Prey, a former Chicago police detective, resigned his position and became the police chief of a small Wisconsin town to be near his wife's family. A year after her passing, he yearned to return to his former life, when a grisly murder rocked the town.

    When the victim turned out to be the latest Read More The Art of Leadership and Command They say he was slow-yet McClellan assumed command and in two weeks combined two different forces into one, marched on Lee, and defeated him at Antietam. History has not treated General George Mc The impetus for my writing these stories was to reduce the burden that I experienced from a very hectic air travel schedule that I endured before finally retiring from the Fortune 5 corporation that I was employed Read More Midnight Hour Saved Just in Time After sixteen years of being deceived by Satan that I had committed the unpardonable sin, God gave me a dream one night and told me exactly what was wrong with my mind.

    Supernatural deliverance came as a great man of God prayed for me T. Lowery under a big tent with sawdust everywhere. Read More The Listonian What makes an identity?

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    What does it mean to earn a name? For one individual trapped deep in the bowels of rootless squalor, suppressed by two mighty nations, it is the equivalent of finding one's own being, perhaps one's own soul. Stapen Evesuni was never one to step out of line. He knew his place He has a rare form of blood cancer that was found in his blood work while preparing to get his marriage license.

    That revelation sets off a chain of events that will cau His decision to follow the killer takes him on a danger filled journey that eventually leads to his hope for redemption and a better life. Veronica Flores, the stunningly beautiful police detective, w Who can find a good listener? Does God hear the prayers of his people? Does God give talents today? In over forty years, the author has served in many ministries with a listening ear for the Holy Spirit.

    Through the years, s The odds are as usual is everything that's brought up against you is incapable of doing. In L's case, she never believed that she would beat the odds against her. She thought she was trapped in the City of Brotherly Love where she didn't receive love back-not from her famil It's about what might have happened if she had lived. It's a suspense thriller that begins on that fateful evening in August and culminates in Dallas, Texas, in late November Later, while in midflight, an explosion aboard the plane sends it plummeting down toward the ground and certain death.

    Four Harley Davidson motorcycles and a really large truck made My Prayers Are Answered! Is your life a chaotic mess? Do you feel alone and different from other people? Are your prayers not being answered? Or did you ever even think about praying? In the back of your mind, you know something is different about you than other people. This book will give you the answers you need to get yo You have read the parenting books, attended the classes, bought everything your baby will need, and you've probably heard all the advice you can take from your family and friends.

    So you think you are ready? Read along as Kib goes through every animal at the zoo and learns his ABCs Following his departure from the Marine Corps, Bradley moves with his wife, Elizabeth, to Texas to sprout roots and transition to a new career as a police officer. Bradley soon finds out that wearing the badge comes with firstha This book contains Native American recipes, hunter's recipes and a few Appalachian recipes. I also placed in a few recipes that are more modern but tried to use ingredients that were around two hundred years ago.

    First Nation Cookbook is not just a cookbook; there is a sectio Brian's decisions and actions cause incredible despair to everyone and everything he touches, including his mother. His best friend cannot help him, and it is not until their drive into Death Valley where all b A young girl who's at the center of it all, playing a role that even she couldn't have imagined!

    Jennene Lynn Hauser, a feisty, intelligent brunette finds He is wounded in combat, and thanks to an invention by his father, he becomes a medical miracle. Throwing caution to the wind, Joshua decides to move to Scotland and embark on his new lifestyle. So much has happened in the fifteen years The DST is a synthesis of one hundred years of real estate, securities, and tax laws that provide an investment entity that allows the modern real estate investo Maria Martinez has been a professional psychic for over fifty years.

    During that time, she has come across ghosts, spirits, and a myriad of different specters as she has continually tried to assist clients with the bette Struggling in managing the workplace bully? This is a brief guide that includes tips for both the employer and the employee in how best to manage unacceptable behavior s in the workplace.

    For the employer, professionalism is defined, suggested inclusion for policy is reviewed, and concepts such as With sensitivity and humor, it allows each reader realize it is okay to openly share their fears. They will see the main characters, Lizzie and Ben, have many of their same fears.

    A small blurb about an empty thought. A thought has no temperature. A thought cannot be cold, and a thought cannot be hot. Thoughts are things we think about, Thoughts exist only inside our brain. Thoughts have no feeling, Thoughts cannot Read More Blue Rubicon In the year , Theresa Bray woke up from an unexpected cryonic suspension from the year Theresa Bray finds out that most of the water on Earth is contaminated. Theresa wants to join Earth's federation to collect freshwater from the Andromeda I Galaxy.

    A former spaceship engineer who Now these trainees are equipped with the basic tools for the workforce, but also for school, home Read More The Hunter Leonard Cord was a rough, tough cowboy turned bounty hunter, but he cleaned up real well. Dress pants and jacket and polished boots and he was comfortable anywhere. Cord hunted people or things for money.

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    He hunted outlaws, runaways, missing kids, or missing valuables. He preferred San Francisco whe Warriors from a powerful bloodline will be called to protect the people of this planet. An objective insight of who we are, why we are, and what we are. A synopsis of everyday living intended to create an introspective of you and your inner self in an effort to be the best person you can be. Living well is the destination. Your road inside is waiting to be trave But racism is everywhere and it has to stop.

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    Our home was shot up as everyone slept. My grandbaby was nearly killed in her crib. An innocent puppy was blown in half Read More Drogen To be a hatchling among the oldest of races causes the young to mature expeditiously. As Drogen overhears tales of adventure from his kin about the world out Read More Pathways Towards Non Aggression We are living in tumultuous times, causing many of us to stray from the path that we intended for ourselves.

    This workbook is intended to help you regain control of your destiny. You will identify your character strengths and weaknesses, gain increased understanding of your role in society, become Dylan would watch his older brother go off to the restroom but he never understood the importance of the potty until he received his own.

    Feeling like a "big boy" Dylan now has enthusiasm about using the pot Read More The Phillipisms This book is my take on the human scene through commentaries, short to long, humorous to poignant. Now, sit down, buckle CeCee is an average little girl, living in an average house, in an average little town, but Diddy is anything but average. Read More The Truth About the Truth One of the most confusing hindrances of today's people of God, and even the unsaved, is the mystery of the Gentiles' covenant with God and the law of Moses.

    Gentile people were never under any Mosaic laws. We were lost in the world, but now Jesus came to redeem us and the Jews-them from the law and Read More Lightning Riders Ancient alien conspiracy theorists have been correct all this time, while the rest of the world thought of them as a bunch of kooks running around wearing aluminum foil hats. Every civilization on earth has a history filled with drawings, statues, temples, pyramids, cave drawings, etc. The Beginning of the End of Racism in America: Black and White is a progressive and pragmatic book that is the antidote to the disease of ignorance and poison of racism.

    It reflects intimately the causes of these maladies, the results of these maladies, and what must be done in order to comp Yeeb of Yor is the story of one young Yorian who, in his hunger for knowledge, finds himself on a strange planet, Read More Fleeing Mississippi It is Harry "the Hammer" Higgins's first mistake was winning a fight he'd been paid to lose.

    His second mistake was that the man he'd beaten was the reigning heavyweight champion of the world. Framed for the champ's death, he is forced out of boxing. Now he earns his living fighting in barns a Read More The Magic Clothesline As humans, most of us want to believe in something more, more than what we see in our average daily lives. We want to believe that anything is possible. We want to believe that good triumphs over evil. Through magic, many things beyond what we can normally see or do are possible. This is a story of It is told in parallel; we each wrote our recollections without reading each other Would the nonfit of the glove in the O.

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    Simpson case be enough to acquit? Were Laci's torso and Conner's body proof of Scott Peterson's guilt? Do we really want to hear the final verdict, or is it the truth that we seek? Read More Vintage Bear Archery Gear Many Bear Archery enthusiasts and serious collectors share a passion for the equipment produced by Bear Archery, especially vintage items made during, before, and even after the Grayling production years.

    Covering fifty years of select Bear Archery gear and accessory production took a book. In an instant, he is pulled into an investigation far above his pay grade, searching for a serial killer with no discernible pattern and a strange personal intere He eliminates the impossible, and whatever is left must be the truth. He must disappear even from his trusted companion Dr.

    John Watson for over th They do not have to be And may the light of Alna'Salunei guide You! Don't mess with the demon if you don't want to see satan personally. A man whose only fate can be an unmarked grave in the ocean's abyss or the end of a hangman's rope? They follow a path of stealing things to fool their needs; afraid of the dangers, but too young to realise the impact of their actions. And then they grow up to become the best of the best, stealing for a greater porpuse. The dangers of the past can no longer affect them in the chaotic beauty of the seas.

    However, secrets may do so. Long memories of the past that show up here and there, attempting to break the bonds of trust among crews and family. Most importantly, to torture the mind of the thief, a new member on board. Fifteen years after Emily Walker's tragic murder the small mountain town of Quail Lake is once again faced with a killer amongst them. Someone is determined to reveal a truth that puts sisters Abigail and Avery Walker in his deadly path.

    Mathew Morris, a typical teenager was going through some usual life traumas. But things changes , when one day he finds an old diary containing secrets , letters and enchanted hopes. Mathew starts investigating to unveil the horrifying the truth with the help of the diary facing enormous challenges , risking lives. But he didn't know that all along the truth was actually in front of him. All had to do was just surrender to his cruel fate.

    A young man, who has been looking for his lost self, was attracted to the promise of freedom that the game gives. The young man with a black heart, a dark past, and a cold pair of eyes, enters a world he has never seen before, where creatures from fairy tales and mythical books reside. Meeting old and new friends alike, will he able be to regain the warm and gentle heart he once had? Or will he forever be consumed by the monsters he created inside his heart and mind? Now in New York, she immediately realizes the city's interest in a superhero named the Proliator, who has yet to be revealed.

    She doesn't believe he's a real superhero that physically exists until she gets saved by him However, his powers don't work very efficiently with her. Dealing with a new school, new mysterious people, and an undercover past of her own brother and close friends, Angela learns the secrets of the infamous Proliator and why they have a certain unexplainable relationship that conquers the use of his powers.

    But will she fall for him in the process, or catch herself before he can? I am not a property that anyone can own. Green is supposed to be my favorite color but as I look into his green merciless eyes I feel nothing but fear. Now, we don't want your dear ones hurt do we? It's harder when you have demons of your past and devils in your present to fight against. No one wants to lose but how long can you keep yourself stable? Only the strong and brave survives in the race Triggers and smuts are present. Those seventy-seven nights, I didn't know his name, his age or what he really looked like.

    But I knew his lips were cold, his arms were warm, and his eyes were beautiful. His voice was very sweet, low yet resonant, but I always trembled and feared when hearing it. Nevertheless, I knew that I loved him deeply. It is a dark romance story. Anastasia Jones lived next to two men, a male god and a cock wire. So, here comes the question —— whhich one is the psychopathic murderer? Shattered- A Whisper Sisters Story. Katelynn Quinn and Alexis Cruz put their lives and careers at the Ridgemont PD on the line to fight against what most feared.

    But, they never expected the personal battle they would have to face when the monster they fought set its sights on silencing them. VECTOR is a thrill ride where a Pakistani woman attempts to kill her husband by infecting him with a weaponized virus. What she threatens to do is loose upon the world a virus that no one is prepared for. It is up to an American microbiologist to find the wayward husband and stop Armageddon. I will add a chapter every Tuesday afternoon. A town which is a small world of its own. A lot has happened with Sarah and she is on a verge to find her lost love.

    She knows it might even cost her life, she has seen people getting hurt because of the cause. Is she brave enough to face danger for love? Will she be able to find her love or else find someone better along her way? But what she doesn't know is that the bitter realities of the world awaits her. Taming His Beast Book 2. With his free hand, he reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled a small black leather box.

    Oh god, I'm going die. The large diamond glistened. Its beauty lit up my eyes as the moon light reflected off of it. He pulled it from the box and grabbed my hand. One fine day her encounter happened with New York's Billionaire boy, after a small meeting her whole life changed forever. Imagine all of sudden someone kidnapped you, the one whom you don't know much. Took you Far from your beloved ones, your friends left behind somewhere.

    And no way to escape. Have a great day. He is seen as ruthless, arrogant and words that are not fit for the human ear to his employees because of the way he acts towards them. They both decide to let go of their fears and enter into a relationship that started off rocky but ended up being blissful and loving. They continue to grow with each other, but what they don't know is that external forces are planning to break them up and tragedy happens in the end that leaves Emily shaken to the core.

    If there is anything Verity Puckett knows best, it's science. So, when she happens upon a young Russian man trying to plastic wrap a knife wound, she launches into a lecture on synergistic infections. However, that young man just happened to be Vladimir Popov, the year-old leader of the Russian mafia, and he quickly became infatuated with the quirky kindness and intelligence of such a dainty girl.

    Now the pair faces the inevitable struggle of answering the question "can we be something? But the bond they develop will be tested as threats arise and the realities of Vladimir's leadership set in. After 21 years of living inside palace walls and being surrounded by swarms of bodyguard, Princess Carolina Ysabelle-Aurora Radieux Winzenried or as everyone knows as simply Princess Laura Winzenried of Switzerland, finally decided to break free from everything that came along with being a princess.

    Assuming an identity of an American citizen, Laura escaped the palace without anyone noticing, thanks to her wild and clever little brothers. Everything was perfect, she became Vanessa Carter, got to New York safely, and even landed herself a job thanks to her friend , without a hitch. That was until she realized she had to work for Nathaniel Westwood. Notorious for his arrogance, playboy personality, and ruthlessness to his rivalries, the cunning Nathaniel Westwood is the owner and founder of the Westwood Land Development Corporation.

    He is living the life of a bachelor, until he crossed paths with the green-eyed brunette, Vanessa Carter. He is what everyone thinks he is. He likes that description very well as it emanates fear from the people around. He has the power. And he is the boss. At the tender age of 18, he managed to build a company that would make his father proud and rise from his grave to pat his back. He is the youngest and one of the most respected man in the business world.

    That is, until she met the stunning Vanessa Carter came into his life. Call me, If you Dare! While she was a fiery, outgoing teenager, he was an icy, introverted man. But more importantly, she was human, and he was a vampire. Opposites attract each other but Kelly and Andreas clashed too much to actually get along. Would it fall apart? The Ballad of Crystl.

    I don't want to die Hopefully I won't get eaten alive. I'm just a common grim reaper. Why is this happening to me? There was blood everywhere and I was on the ground. The entire team was decimated by those traitors. Everybody I know in the squad is gone and my master has fallen. He grabbed me and lifted me up as I approach death. Once a god dies, there is no reincarnation, there is no soul, and there is no second chance, just oblivion so… How did it end up like this?

    Sora Hisako has always dreamed of becoming more than just a Merchant. Set out into a tale of adventure and romance as she makes her way to the Capital and be part of a Guild! Comments are highly valued.

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    The task seems easy that's what Angela thought not until she met the cocky, arrogant yet strikingly handsome Adam Green, her boss. Will she last if her boss is not treating her properly? Heck, she is the sixth secretary in just a month! What if Angela has the card the reason behind his bad attitude and wrong treatment to women? Will it change Adam or will he remain in the dark after knowing it? Being one of the most famous and richest bachelorette in New York, she has it all.

    She has the fame, the wealth, the beauty and not to mention she is smart and also is the most famous wedding planner in the country and has been hired to plan 90 weddings. However when she is hired to plan the 91st wedding by her best friend's sister, someone from the past is coming back and might just ruin everything she has build for the past few years. At the same time, she is going to find another person who loves her just as much, maybe even more.

    I don't have any choice Arjun. He started walking towards me and I took back steps. He is mad at me. He grabbed my hand and pinned me to the wall. He is in anger. I never saw him like this before. Answer me damn it.. I lowered my eyes as I can't see into his eyes. He released me from his tight grip and ragged his hair.

    Why are you doing this to me? I can't see you like this. I told you na.. You are nothing to me. We can't be together any more. I don't love you I said stabbing right into his heart. I hate you Ananya he said and slapped me. I lost my balance and hit the floor. He left the place without even looking at me. I'm so sorry but I have to do it. I have to go away from your life. I said holding back my tears. Who always tries to help others. She is a neurologist and she loves her profession. Moreover she doesn't believe in relationships and love.

    Arjun is an introvert person. He is a IPS officer who always fights for his country. He loves both his family and his profession. But unfortunately he had lost his first love Megha. What's happening in their lives? Why is she going away from him when she loves him like hell? Want to know then come and join me to see there journey of true love and find the answers. Breaking The Bad Boy. Standing face to face, right in front of my worst enemy, Beatrice. We were so close together, I could feel her ragged breathing on my neck.

    I could tell she was nervous, but so was I. Accepting every dare anyone can possibly throw at your little turd face. Francisco Adams is known as the school's bad boy, or also the pound walking hotness. He goes around sleeping with all the girls. However, he still gets the best grades in the entire school. Elizabeth Rustanberg is a total dare queen. She accepts any dares from absolutely anyone.

    She has never bailed or failed a dare. One day, while Elizabeth is trying to have a peaceful lunch with her friends in the cafeteria, she gets caught up in a heated mess with her enemy, Beatrice. Who dares her to break Francisco's heart. Just one thing, there's a flaw in her plan. She just might, just might, be falling for him. When the bashful camgirl Christine Walker who hosts cooking tasty food on the Internet encounters the cool and handsome Carl Rogers who is popular in the electronic sports circle, she is shot by Cupid's arrow.

    As an unknown celebrity, what countermeasures will Christine take and how will she do it? Will she win her Mr. The Bloodsucker Next Door. Jessica Owens was only seven years old when she'd first met the silver eyed boy in the woods. It has been years since their first meeting but what happens when she moves to a new town and sees him again? This time to find out that he is her next door neighbor?

    Let's just say that Jessica isn't ready for the secrets and discoveries nor the true love that is sure to come. She is especially not ready for the secrets that she will unravel about her own self. What Goes Bump In the Night. At that moment, I felt relieved, free, and safe. I felt as though I was saved. This man, this stranger was going to get me the fuck out of here. His face, his lively face suddenly went cold. His eyes were now wide and stunned. Following his cold look, we both looked down.

    A scream escaped me once I noticed the hand that was sticking out from his chest, clasping on to a dimly beating heart. The hole in his chest bleeding out. When the Shadow's Bite Book 2. Chanel has not only been dragged into a world that she did not know existed, but was flipped, twisted, and turned into something she could barely even explain. So how would she be able to face the darkest part of this whole ordeal? How would she take to the news, the truths, and the secrets that were about to rain down on here? Alex and Zab grew up together as brother and sister.

    They love each other, and always have each other's back. What will happen to Alex if when he turned 16, he found out that he's quite different from the rest of the pack and coven. And to make matters worst, he is falling in love with his sister, and turned out to be his mate. A night of passion, And a morning of pain and hurt.

    What will happen to a 16 year old Zab when she woke up marked and mated to her brother who disappeared the next day. And to make it more difficult, she is carrying the next heir to the throne. Will the couple be reunited once again? I am the next alpha of our pack and the moment I turned eighteen, the throne immediately was mine since my dad died and they only waited for my coming of age.

    I, obviously, am the oldest son. And aside from being an alpha, I was also looking forward to finding my mate. I wanted a strong yet kind and dependent one.